Eaves Troughing

  Eaves Troughing

Jim MacDonald Roofing and Masonry Ltd. provides and installs rain gutters, leaf guards, downspouts, fascia, and soffit on residential roofs across the Halifax Regional Municipality and surrounding areas.

Rain GuttersYour eavestrough (gutter) helps direct water away from your home to protect the integrity of its foundation and adds value to your home. Our expert team of Halifax roofers is proud to provide five-inch seamless gutter installation and repair to our residential clients.

Our eavestroughs come with a five-year caulking warranty and 20-year warranty on materials. We regularly install eavestroughs as part of residential roofing projects but can repair or install eavestroughs as an individual project as well.

Soffit allows for ventilation of your roof, providing protection to your rafters. They run along the bottom of your roof, connected to the eavestroughing.

Fascia is typically made of aluminum and is installed along the bottom of the roof to provide additional protection from the elements and an attractive appearance.

Eaves Troughing

Our team will ensure your rain gutters are sloped appropriately and draining the way they should. This will prevent the kind of overhead drips that can cause damaging ice build-up.

Our seamless eavestrough structure will eliminate drips and leaks that cause slippery steps, patios, and walkways. Leaf guards installed on your eavestrough will eliminate clogged gutters and freezing. Maintenance is simplified when leaf guard systems are installed, too, meaning you can spend less time and money cleaning your eavestroughs!

We’re proud to offer eavestrough installation and repair any time of the year. No need to wait for warmer temperatures to replace old or damaged gutters and downspouts. Ready to see what our eavestroughs can do for you home? Call us for your free quote today at 902-866-4764!

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